What's In The Juice?

Detoxifying Beet

Beet, Carrot, Apple, Lemon, Ginger Turmeric

Fresh Start

Carrot, Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon, Apple, Turmeric, Ginger

Mean Greens

Spinach, Kale, Cucumber, Avocado,  Kiwi, Lime, Lemon, Apple, Turmeric, Ginger, Spirulina


Lemon, Pineapple, Cayenne, Ginger, Turmeric, Coconut Water


Pineapple, Golden Berries, Strawberry, Lime, Lemon, Ginger, Turmeric, Coconut Water

Cool Green

 Cucumber, Apple,  Mint, Celery, Kiwi, Lemon, Lime, Turmeric, Ginger

Carrot Zinger

Carrot, Apple, Lemon, Turmeric, Ginger

Pomegranate Orange*

Pomegranate, Orange, Carrot


Elderberry Tea

Filtered Water, Dried Organic Elderberries, Raw Honey, Cinnamon, Clove



*Seasonal Flavors

What's In The Ginger Shots?

Lemon Turmeric Cayenne

Lemon, Lemon Zest, Cayenne, Ginger, Turmeric, Raw Honey,  Filtered Water

Mango Ginger

Mango Puree, Ginger, Filtered Water

Pineapple Ginger

Pineapple, Ginger

Mixed Berry Ginger

Raspberry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Ginger, Filtered Water

Golden Strawberry

 Golden Berries, Strawberry, Ginger, Filtered Water


Organic Wheatgrass, Coconut Water, or Filtered Water

Apple Pie ACV Shot

Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Unfiltered Apple Juice, and Cinnamon

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